The family of The Word of Reconciliation Mission Inc, also known as Saints Equippers Ministries; joyfully invites you to our crossing over miracle night, on the 31st December, 2019, at No. 18 Dougan Street, by Congo Market. Time – 7:30pm prompt.

To successfully cross over to 2020, it depends on who is crossing you, and how you cross over. The red sea that Israelite cross safely, was the same that drowned the Egyptians. Come and experience how to cross Victoriously and miraculously.

You shall not cross empty in Jesus name. Amen

Wish you a merry Christmas and a 2020 with a difference


Opening Intercession

Film Show and Light Refreshment

Call to worship

Testimonies and celebration God

Scription Reading

Annual Mission Report

Praise and Worship

Song Ministration


Presenting your Harvest Seed


Announcement and Closing


31st December 2019

Possing The Gates of the Year

1st January - Connecting to the grace to prevail at the new level.

2nd January - Church and God's Purpose for this Mission

3rd January - Commit Families.

4th January - Commit our Jobs/Business.

5th January - Serve in Good Health.

6th January - Blessing on our Finance.

7th January - Sierra Leone with a difference.

8thJanuary - Anionting Service


Daily Fasting and Prayer for the First Seven Days of the Year